EZ80002222 Installation


The EZ80002222 is designed to split a single Cat-5/6 type cable into 4 separate circuits for use with 2-Wire Digital Telephones using the RJ45’s pins 3 & 6. As an example, Panasonic Digital Telephones use pins 3 & 6.

Each EZ80002222 has 1 plug and 4 staggered jacks – with each cord being slightly longer than the other. The shortest cord is DIGITAL circuit #1 and the longer cord is DIGITAL circuit #4.

You will need 1 EZ80002222 wiring harness at each end.


Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words. We know this and so we have created a video for each of our cords. If you would like to see how the EZ80002222 is used, simple click here:



  1. Insert an Industry Standard, 8-pin patch cord of a length appropriate for your application into Jack #1 and then plug the other end of that patch cord into the Digital Extension Port on the Panasonic PBX that you are using.
  2. Repeat Step-2 for circuit #2, 3 & 4 using another port on the PBX.
  3. Locate the wall jack at the far end of the cable run that the EZ80002222 is plugged into. Plug another EZ80002222 into that wall outlet.
  4. Plug the first Digital Telephone into Jack #1 (the shortest cord).
  5. In the Equipment Room, plug the 8-pin, RJ45 plug into the port of the Main Patch Panel that you want to split into separate circuits.
  6. Plug the second, third & forth Digital Telephone into Jack #2, 3 & 4 (4 is the longest cord).



If you followed the steps as outlined above, both devices will work unless:

  • One or all of the Digital Telephone ports are bad or configured improperly on the PBX;
  • You are plugged into the wrong port of the Main Patch Panel;
  • You are plugged into the wrong RJ45 wall jack outlet;
  • One or all of the Digital Telephones are bad.

EZCORDS are passive devices, meaning that they have no electronics that could go bad.

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