Why EZCORDS? Because they turn tough jobs into EZ jobs, at a fraction of the cost of re-cabling.

Imagine moving into a new facility where there was CAT-5/6 cabling already installed in the walls. Now you need to add more computers or add telephones to locations that we only wired for computers (or vise versa). Your options are to hire a cabling company to (hopefully) pull a permit and then install additional CAT5/6 computer cabling at a significant cost or … let EZCORDS solve your problem. Just use a set of our patented Cheater Cords (one on each end of an existing cable) and make full use of the unused pairs within the existing infrastructure. By doing so, you get the job done instantly, without permitting, with very little cost and with no disruption to your normal course of business. As a bonus, you can take your EZCORDS with you when you move – unlike extra cabling that might have been installed without EZCORDS.

Cheater Cords also work great in residential applications because homes are infinitely more difficult to retrofit with cabling than are offices.

We also produce a line of PBX Specific Translation Cables. Translation cables take what the manufacturer delivers to their high-density and often confusing interfaces and then converts it into separate low-density RJ45 jacks that can be patched into any industry standard patch panel. Translation Cables save the installer numerous hours, provide a perfect connection and are straight-forward enough for the end-user to easily understand and reassign. We currently produce EZCORDS Translation Cables for use with the Panasonic KX-NS700 PBX in the USA and the KX-NS500 PBX internationally. Other PBX Specific Translation Cables are produced for a variety of OEM applications.

Save time and money with our ingenious cables