I used a set of your Cheater Cords to add a phone and a fax machine to an office way out in the back of our warehouse. It’s a huge building and all I kept thinking was that I was going to have to run new cables from the office to the rear of the building up in the purlins. Big job! With your cords, the job took 10 minutes without any additional material. I saved our company a lot of money. Great products! Thanks guys.

Dennis Tanner
Oklahoma City

Last month, I received a call from a company on the lower west side. The building that they were in was 26 stories. Their offices were on the 17th floor and they needed to expand. The only additional space that they could lease was on the 8th floor and they needed to interconnect these offices with phones and data. Every floor shared a common wiring center which was located on the 12th floor. The job was going to cost the customer literally a small fortune, which they were already prepared for. But their greatest concern was the time it would take (especially with permitting) and the disruption that it would create. We also needed to supply a bond and extra insurance naming the building owner, the customer and all of the building’s other tenants as Loss Payee. After settling on a price, I found EZCORDS. I then went back to my customer and modified the contract with this clause: “Contractor to use any means or any route necessary to provide service as per Customer plans dated 12/22/14 up to and including the use of EZCORDS in exchange for quicker installation time.” The customer was ecstatic because they got a 6 week job done in 4 hours. And we were even happier because we didn’t have to pull miles of cable, go through permitting, provide a bond or add insurance. But the happiest part of all was that we kept our price the same as if we had installed extra cabling. So, that is why I’m taking the time to say “Thank you EZCORDS!” You have made me a customer for life!

Jerry Merpito
Estimating Supervisor
Universal Cabling Solutions

Normally I would not take the time to write a review but I feel obligated to spread the word about. They saved my husband and I over $20,000. We have use a local company for years for our home automation. My husband has used them at his office as well. Both my husband and I have IT backgrounds and because of that, will not use a wireless LAN for our own use. We were installing a home theater and converting a bedroom into a home office space for me. While we were at it, we decided to let each of the kids have a network connection and phone in their bedrooms. Our home is old but did have a limited amount of CAT5 cabling installed during a renovation about 10 years ago. But there was nowhere near enough installed back then to do what we needed now. The walls and ceilings are plastered and penetrating them again would get very ugly very quickly, not to mention the cost.But our technician (Julian Green) said that their company started using some sort of magic cable devices that could fix everything without adding new cables. He showed us, we gave them the job and in all, we saved over $20,000. Thanks Julian and thank you Ezcords.

Denise Richards
Oceanside, CA

I am Luis. I work on a 30m motor yacht as an engineer. Sorry I can not say the vessel name for security reasons. Our ship was constructed in APR-1998 and there were not too many data runs. Our cabins are all teak paneling and it would be a major job to add more at this stage. I heard about EZ-Cords from a ship builder in Fort Lauderdale and just want to thank you for this invention of yours. You made me look like a hero. Please consider me your happiest customer in the world – or at least on sea.

Luis DeSalvo

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