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EZ80001400 – Splits a 4-Pair Cable into 1 TCP/IP Port & 1, 4-Wire Telephone Port

EZ80001400 – Splits a 4-Pair Cable into 1 TCP/IP Port & 1, 4-Wire Telephone Port

SKU: EZ80001400

Part No. EZ80001400
This Cheater Cord splits a 4-pair cable into 2 circuits – 1 for TCP/IP & 1 for a 4-wire telephone.
(One Cheater Cord is Required on “Each End” of the Cat5/6 Cable Run)

EZCORDS are available through leading Data & Telcom Supply Houses.

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  • Description

    Product Description

    This is a Universal Wiring Harness designed to work with any 568A or 568B Network Cabling Plan.

    This EZCORD is 12 inch in length and designed to split a standard single Ethernet cable into 2 separate circuits so as to avoid running additional cables for expansion. Typically, the male plug of one EZ80001400 Cheater Cord is inserted into an outlet on the “House” Patch Panel (near the data switch or router). Then, the 1 jacks of the cord are fed by a TCP/IP circuits such as a LAN port. The other jack is fed by a 4-Wire telephone circuit. Another EZ80001400 Cheater Cord is then plugged into the wall outlet at the destination location where it’s broken down into 2 separate jacks and 2 separate circuits again.

    Jack #1:
    – Pins 1, 2, 3 & 6 = TCP/IP (LAN, WAN, IP, etc.)

    Jack #2:
    – Pins 4 & 5 = 4-Wre Telephone (Usually the Voice Pair)
    – Pins 3 & 6 = 4-Wire Telephone (Usually the Data Pair)

    The final result is a universal wiring scheme that can be plugged directly into any 568a or 568b patch panel.

    Each EZ80001400 Cheater Cord has an 8-pin RJ45 plug and 2 8-pin RJ45 jacks – one color-coded in WHITE with the single term “TCP/IP” and the other color-coded in YELLOW with the label “4-W TEL” for EZ identification.

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